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            1. Free Phone: 400-666-9771
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              Tel: +86-400-666-9771
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              E-mail: xf@china-ares.com
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              Taizhou Ares environmental equipment Co., Ltd. is a German ares environmental protection science and technology limited company in China production base, is a professional engaged in high-tech energy-saving environmental protection air system and central vacuum system as the leading, set design, development, production, sales in one of the professional high-tech environmental protection enterprises.

              In 2010 the Erez fresh air system as an international brand to enter the China market, with its excellent quality and professional service have achieved good market response in the field of engineering. In order to further develop the Chinese market, the headquarters through study and research, decided to fully enter the wind market Chinese sustained growth.

              In 2012, ares for adapting characteristics China market Chinese, settled in the most dynamic city -- Wenling, North of Ningbo, south of Wenzhou, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people here, gathered the largest mold base, China electrical base, sheet metal base, is the birthplace of the private economy of Chinese share-holding system. Seize the opportunity, dare to fight, brave and enterprising, good innovation "is a true portrayal of Taizhou Yingqi". Mould, machinery and electronics products in Taizhou is currently at home and abroad for processing the frontier city. It is one of China's most well-being of the city.

              As the internationalization of the Erez brand, to bring the internationalization of high-quality Chinese market at the same time, Erez advanced marketing and management concept: respect for the individual, customer service and the pursuit of excellence into china. And in the spirit of continuous innovation, let these ideas to adapt to the characteristics and needs of the Chinese market. Ares with its unique design concept, and luxury of modern interpretation of the classic smart home.

              We firmly believe that: good quality and good price is what consumers really need! Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality, the whole process from raw material procurement, technology R & D and production, strictly, and continue to decrease the power loss; to make sure that we are the lowest cost management objectives. In the field of marketing, we discard the: manufacturers - general agent distributor - retailer market -- junior high cost operation mode, and take the manufacturer - retailer one-step channel Bian Pinghua advanced marketing mode, thus establishing low cost channel operation mode.

              "Science and technology leader in quality, enjoy healthy life", Erez endless fighting spirit will continue to make its greatest contribution of Chinese fresh air system and central vacuum system brand. The future will be the leading technology, excellent quality, perfect marketing service system, to bring people more convenient, more healthy life style. Erez, give you a breath, make your life more comfortable for science and technology!